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Cybersecurity in the Age of Zero Trust

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Nearly every cybersecurity survey published in 2019 indicates that cyber-attacks are on the rise; increasing year over year in terms of impact, frequency, duration, and sophistication. Cybercrime is happening on-premises and in the cloud. So while choosing a cloud provider based on efficiency and cost saving capabilities has made sense in recent years, in today’s increased risk environment, it may leave organizations exposed to the greater threat of cybercrime.

As organizations plan and develop new cloud strategies in pursuit of business advantage, taking a security-first approach to choosing a provider is critical to long-term success.

Watch our webinar with guest speaker, Rick Abbott, Trend Micro Product Manager, Hybrid Cloud Security, Marc Beder, iland’s Director of Solution Architecture, and Sarah Doherty, iland Senior Product Marketing Manager to:

  • Hear the common strategies to cloud security and how taking a multi-layered approach can significantly reduce the impact a cyber-attack can have on your company
  • Understand how Trend Micro, a global leader in cyber security, approaches threat defense
  • Learn how iland Cloud leverages Trend Micro, and other security strategies, to deliver a true, multi-layered approach to cloud security

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